Mountain View Village is where the next chapter of life is created. With plans for more than 130 condo units available at competitive prices, all supported by excellent modern amenities and infrastructure, the Village provides the perfect place for active seniors to settle in and reap the benefits of a life well lived.

A place to grow together

Imagine a place where you can learn new skills, practice old ones, and share all you have to offer with enthusiastic friends and neighbours.

  • Pet wash & spa
  • Off-leash pet run
  • Community garden plots
  • Village gazebo
  • Village event coordinator
  • Library
  • Fitness/yoga room
  • Woodworking & craft shop
  • Event rooms
  • Guest suites

Vitality Living: a new outlook on life

As we get older, quality of life matters more than ever. That’s why, at Mountain View Village, we’ve built considerations for a better life into every suite we design – a lifestyle we call Vitality Living. Our homes provide a unique place for baby boomers and seniors to retire in style – emphasizing the excitement and new experiences that our golden years still have to offer. This concept of aging at home, with wellness considerations and within an active community, is central to our philosophy and residential design. After all, a great home is where a great life truly begins.

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To deliver on these ideals, we have partnered with Wello, a private health and wellness services company that delivers preventative healthcare, ongoing care programs, and professional medical condition management. Residents get access to primary care support in addition to many auxiliary services, such as prescription renewal/delivery and specialized treatments. Beyond that, a wide range of in-home care services are available as well, including:

  • Housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Daily pet walking
  • Fall detection/emergency pendants
  • Companion services
  • Full- and part-time home care
  • Palliative and dementia care